Carl's Yard

When it came to fulfilling his lifetime dream of building his own yard Carl stole ideas and inspiration from the many top yards he has visited over the years.

You enter the yard through an archway with a lovely clock tower, the stables are built around a traditional court yard design. The spacious stables have all the most modern facilities including fitted rubber floors with sloping rubber banks, automatic waterers and windows at the back to increase ventilation during the day and to give the horses an alternative view.

In the centre there are two mounting blocks with steps at different heights built around flowerbeds. Outside each stable is a rug rail with head collar hook outside. The stable doors are protected from chewing with metal overlay.

Adjacent to the yard is the hay barn and feed room.Tucked away at the side of the barn is the muck trailer and wheelbarrow store. The layout means all the routine running of the yard is in a compact area.

Between the yard and the indoor school is the horse walker, covered against the elements and can be worked from a hand held remote control when needed. The walker is sited so the team can see the horses while they are working in case of a problem.

Away from the yard is the indoor and outdoor schools. Carl was keen the yard should represent peace and tranquillity for the horses and the schools represent their working environment.

You enter the school onto a rubber corridor with cross tie bays leading to the tack room.It is here the horses are prepared for and groomed after work. There is hot water for washing the horses off. Rug rails and saddle racks are on the facing wall with a wide shelf above for bandages, boots and grooming kit. The flooring is rubber and at the end bay houses the solarium.

The indoor school has one side open above the kicking boards; the arena is therefore light and airy with an open-air feeling. Mirrors go across the whole of the end of the school. The outside arena has mirrors placed in the centre of one long side and at either end.

Next to the outdoor arenas are the post and railed turnout paddocks where all the horses get to relax, weather permitting. Beyond the paddocks are the fields where the youngsters live. Each field has a large field shelter for protection against the rain and wind and the sun.