Support Team

Carl's horses receive the very best care, both from Carl's experienced team of staff and from the close attention of the vets, farriers, equine physio and equine dentist that are very much part of the team.
Carl has chosen the very best vets, farriers, equine physio and equine dentist to care for his horses. Each brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and different expertise. Carl's professional integrity, experience and knowledge forms an understanding between Carl and the practioners he chooses.

World Class Performance

As part of the World Class Performance Programme, supported by Lottery funding thorough UK Sport, Carl receives support from the British Team vet Andre Buthe plus the team farrier, equine physiotherapist and nutritionist. Working with Carl's 'home team', they closely monitors the horses to ensure every horse maximises its performance. This support extends to a professional management team that is focused on supporting the riders, coaches, vets and other key staff at major international competitions.

Tel: 02476 698871

Veterinary Practice

Buffy Shirley-Beavan & Co. Buffy has been friend and vet to Carl for over 10 years. Previously with former Olympic Team Vet John Killingbeck, Buffy started her own practice in 1992. Over the years this has grown into a five vet specialist performance horse practice. The practice has an excellent laboratory for monitoring horse health and fitness and they take a particular interest in nutrition and stable enviroment. Their philosophy is to look at the whole horse and to prevent rather than just cure.

The team includes Emma Tomlinson who specialises in polo work and runs her own embryo transfer business. Ben Brain, specialist respiratory surgeon, who spends a lot of his time doing Hobdays and soft palate surgery. New Zealander Tim Beauregard does most of the sport horse work for the practice and does consultancy work for Vetcell- the leading company in stem cell treatment in horses. Isabel Tompsett from Wales is the final member of the team joining the practice in July 2008.

Buffy's credentials include being vet to the Dubai Polo Team, UK vet to the New Zealand Event Team and the Japanese Event Team at the Sydney Olympics. Her clientel include many top racing yards including champion trainer Paul Nicholls, her practice is based close to the yard of winning trainer Nigel Twiston-Davies who over the years as a client has become a loyal friend and supporter. Buffy travels regularly across the UK, Ireland and France doing private sales and vetting work, mostly for racehorse purchases.

Tel: 01451 850086

Equine Dentist

Toby Lee BAEDT. Toby has been practicing equine dentistry for the last 20 years. Over the years he has gained a great understanding of the problems that can occur in a horse’s mouth, often hindering health and peak performance.

Because of his deep love for horses he has dedicated the last 20 years to studying and correcting malocclusions and abnormalities in equine. He remains at the forefront of the industry with his development of instruments, techniques and procedures.

Toby has previously passed the rigorous BEVA/BVDA Equine Dental Exam and is a member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT). He works closely with all his client’s vets, believing that a good working relationship with the veterinary profession is vital to the success of good equine dentistry.

Carl’s Horses are treated 6 monthly, Toby works closely with Carl’s team to discuss each individual horses dental program needs.

Toby lectures at Hartpury College on the converted BSc (hons) Equine Dental Science and Fd.Sc Equine Dental Studies (SW), he also lectures internationally.

To make an appointment with Toby please contact his office on: +44 (0) 1934 712 591 or For more information about equine dentistry please see his website on:

Equine Physiotherapist

Marnie Malgarin. Marnie is a highly qualified Equine Sports Therapist, trained by well known Veterinary Physiotherapist Mary Bromiley. Marnie specialises in treating competition and sport horses and focuses particularly on the musculoskeletal system. Marnie views her equine clients as athletes and see her job, along with the rest of the team, as helping them to do the work that is required of them. Not only treating problems but aiming to maintain the horses and prevent problems occuring. The more a horse can remain in free motion, the more the rider can ask of him and therefore train him to the next level.


Haydn Price. Following graduation with the Worshipful Company of Farriers in 1983, Haydn went on to develop a farriery business specialising in shoeing performance horses. With a particular interest in equine lameness the practice developed a specialist Equine Referral Centre. With his interest in locomotion, in 2004 Haydn developed the Equinalysis Gait Analysis system, now used by World Class Performance.

Haydn is Consultant Farrier to the British Equestrian Federation and Team Farrier to the British Dressage and Show Jumping Teams.

As co-author of 'Shoeing for Performance' in 1986, it gave an opportunity to explain some of the more basic concepts of shoeing criteria along with some misconceptions in current shoeing treatment procedures. Haydn is a regular contributor to publications and research programmes, he also lectures internationally within Europe, America and Mexico.

The Farrier Centre
Tel:  01291 672826

Equine Nutritionist

Lizzie Drury is the senior nutritionist for Saracen Horse Feeds, she has been an equine nutritionist for the past 16 years and is one of the few nutritionist in the UK. Lizzie has been working with Carl for many years to ensure that all horses are ready to perform when they enter the white boards. She works closely with every member of the team to ensure all horse have the correct diet to maintain optimum condition and energy, to allow them to perform whether at home or abroad.

Lizzie spends an increasing amount of time travelling abroad working with professional riders across a wide range of disciplines advising on nutrition, and specialises in the nutrition and feeding of elite endurance horse. Lizzie is a keen rider herself, who has previously evented and now enjoys competing her lovely dressage horse Ferdi.

Tel: 01622 718487